Are you looking for the best pre-sale apartments in Tulum?

This is the perfect opportunity: units starting from $149,000 USD and preferential payment plans.

Invest in Tulum

Last fully-equipped, furnished, and decorated units starting at $149,000 USD.

Pre-sale apartments in Tulum

🌴 Strategic Location: In the heart of Tulum, next to Aldea Zamá.

🏡 Variety of Options: 166 apartments, fully equipped, furnished, and decorated.

🎨 Art and Distinction: Featuring 4 majestic sculptures by contemporary artists.

✅ Secure Return on Investment: Seize the best investment opportunity with the influx of international tourists due to the new Tulum International Airport, the Maya Train, and the new protected natural area: the Jaguar Park.

☀️ Exclusive Lifestyle: Enjoy Tulum while you profit.

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World-Class Amenities:

Crystal Clear Pool: Relax and cool off in the pool.

Well-Equipped Gym: Maintain an active lifestyle.

Paddle Tennis Court: Challenge your friends and have fun.

Multipurpose Room: Perfect for your events.

Inspiring Art Walk: Find inspiration in art.

Snack Bar: Satisfy your cravings without leaving home.

Yoga Area: Find your balance and zen.

Advantages of Investing in Pre-Sale:

Here are the benefits you’ll receive when investing with us in pre-sale:

Lower prices

When investing in pre-sale, buyers can access lower prices compared to the final project value once constructed.

Appreciation potential

When buying in pre-sale, investors can leverage the real estate market's growth and gain short to medium-term appreciation.

Customization options

Investors often have the opportunity to customize certain aspects of their property, such as finishes, materials, and layout. This allows them to tailor the property to their personal preferences or investment strategies.

Higher profitability

The possibility of acquiring a property at lower prices and the appreciation in value over time can lead to higher profitability for pre-sale investors.

This is your opportunity to invest in the Riviera Maya.