El Cuyo is a wonderful place located in the Yucatan Peninsula, just 2 hr from the Cancun International Airport.
It is known for having the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, being awarded by the International "PLAYA PLATINO" awards

We followed the path of dry leaves on the ground, autumn on the Caribbean Sea coast is something different from the imaginary that American movies have portrayed in our minds, while the colors of the leaves on the ground burn in dull reds, those that persist in the trees illuminate the landscape with multiple green tones full of life, the contrast was beautiful to see, so much so that it hurt our hearts to look away to record the road, but we had to do it, because we did not know if we would see one again like that one.

It had been a little less than two hours since we left Playa del Carmen, but it felt as if we had only been half an hour on the road, it could have been good company, but ultimately the faerie landscapes they did magic in our perception of time. Anyway, we were not ready for what was to come

. We barely glimpsed the sign that welcomed us to the town and we no longer had breath, on the sides of the access bridge there was a crystalline lake that was adorned with Thousands of pink feathers carried by the most sociable flock of flamingos you can think of, without exaggeration, the presence of the people on the railing seemed that far from disturbing them, it invited them to pose in an elegant way.

This only did Let our emotion increase and with our hearts in hand we move a couple of meters further north.

Before reaching our final destination, we were forced to stop, our mind may have felt half an hour, but the stomach had lived the entire journey.

Finding a place to eat was not complicated, La Conchita was the only place in our mind after a series of insistent recommendations by our friends who had had the good fortune to visit El Cuyo before and luckily for us, it was open!

Just having one foot was enough inside to feel transported to the beginnings of Tulum 20 years ago, with its rustic outdoor wooden tables, floating lanterns and its specialty in seafood.

It was not an exaggeration to proclaim seafood its specialty, but ultimately what we enjoyed the most was the personalized attention with which they treated us, from bringing extra glasses to the table, to veganizing some dishes for one of our friends.

We were definitely not wrong in choosing La Conchita as the entry point to our experience in El Cuyo.
Amid laughter, good music and the sound of birds in the sky, we finished our meal and set out to meet him reason for the crossing.

The green of the palm trees had made room for the blue of the sea, and the warmth of the sand hugged our feet as we entered the beach. I don't remember who was the first to go barefoot, but I do remember how from one moment to the next there was no universe outside of that beach, our soul belonged to the sea and no one wanted to recover it.

In the distance, a lighthouse loomed deep into the water, with a flock of pelicans unconcerned with life resting on it, we decided to approach the side of the coast with the intention of appreciating them from afar and, while We walked, we noticed the amount of shells on the sand, but they did not seem scattered throughout the beach, it was more as if the tide had strategically placed them on the edge of its path, leaving a path that guided the visitors to the top at tip.

We were so focused on the fascinating walker that the shells had formed, that we almost missed the parade of butterflies that it aroused on the water. Thank heaven we had eaten, if not, I would have believed that I was delirious with hunger, but the astonished gaze of the rest of the group confirmed that what we were witnessing was real.

Dozens of butterflies of a yellow as intense as the sun They emerged from the south with a course that did not seem very fixed, it was as if like us, they wanted to stay in that paradise for the rest of their days, it made me wonder, how many times since we arrived have we missed something impressive to notice things just as impressive?

When the only thing that separated us from the lighthouse was the beach, we decided to take some pictures, we regretted not being able to capture the moment when some of the pelicans took flight, but we arrived in time to capture their diving contest . With squawks they rose through the skies and with the force of a waterfall they let themselves fall landing on the surface of the water, they were experts! Looking at them so excited, fun and happy, was the finishing touch that closed our experience.

We know that if we had stayed longer in El Cuyo, we could have crowned it with some other jewel, but our time was numbered and to tell the truth I am grateful that it was like that, now we are forced to return, I need to see how heaven it is painted red with the dawn and how the water lights up with the sunsets, the anecdotes will not be enough again, because our soul was captured in the infinity of that sea and as I mentioned before, I do not know if I want to recover it.